ContactRescue: How do I analyze all the contacts before I started using Evercontact?

"Your service does a great job in updating new contacts details but how do I retrieve old contact information?" 


You should definitely check out ContactRescue (formerly Flashback), a one-time service that analyzes your past emails to massively update your address book overnight. 


  • What benefit can I expect? An average ContactRescue analyzes 12,500 emails and yields 250 new or updated contacts
  • What's the difference between ContactRescue and ContactRescue + ? If your current address book doesn’t fit your needs (too messy, out of date, too many duplicates…), you may consider trying ContactRescue +, which scans 5-years back in Gmail.
  • What address book and CRM is ContactRescue compatible with? Email Address books - GMail or GoogleApps Contacts, Outlook (2003-2016, not compatible with Outlook Express or Outlook for Mac). CRM - Highrise and Salesforce.
  • How many emails accounts can ContactRescue analyze at a time? ContactRescue scans every email account linked with the paid multi-account feature for Gmail users or every email account received in your Outlook and analyzed by Evercontact.
  • How long does it take?  It depends on the number of emails to analyze - from 24h for small accounts up to one week for Contact Rescue + or very large Gmail accounts.



How to run ContactRescue

To run ContactRescue (1-year) or ContactRescue +(5-year) on your old emails, first purchase the ContactRescue that suits your needs.

After you’ve paid for your ContactRescue, you just need to go into the “ContactRescue” tab in your settings and click on the “Launch” button to start the process.


Once your ContactRescue has finished processing, you will receive an email notifying you of the results. You will also be able to view the contact updates made by ContactRescue by once again going into the “ContactRescue” tab in your settings and clicking the button marked "Show Contacts".


You can also find the contacts we’ve updated in the “Evercontact” group in your Google Contacts.